MUSE Ecologie 2

 Tipping ponts are only found in nature, not in socitey
 My ecological footprint is
 On earth all life ultimately depends on the energy of the sun
 Plants capture the energy of the sun in photosynthesis and use this to produce biomass. The fate of plants is to be eaten (herbivory) or to die and decompose. The flux of energy into...
 Two key concepts in ecology are habitat and niche. In a simple way one could say that
 Nature is in perfect equilibrium. Human disturbance will only upset the balance of nature and in doing so destroy biodiversity
 Human brainpower vs natural selection, who wins?
 Biomes - e.g. tropical rainforest, savnnes, taiga - are biological communities which are adapted to their regeional climate and which extend over large geographic regions. Which of the following factors does NOT contribute to the worldwide distribution of biomes...
 I am an ecosystem
 If we work in groups of 3 - 4 to prepare the presentation of 2 Ecology papers (one classic and one modern) and if we meet up with the prof to select and discuss these papers one week before we will manage to prepare the presentation for the week thereafter